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Our Vision & Beliefs

Founded in 2006 by Eric Anderson, our team invests in unique companies working to build a significantly better future for human beings.Our investments include projects such as Roam Research, Booster Fuels, SpaceX, Taskade, and Ocean.From outer space to the workings of the brain, we invest across industries in action-focused teams led by visionary entrepreneurs creating the technology, tools and markets that are enabling human beings to improve the way they think, learn, work, create, relate, appreciate, and explore.The reason we do this is because we believe today presents a unique Window of Opportunity to help millions of people improve the quality and meaningfulness of their lives.A fundamentally brighter future for humanity is within reach - one in which progress and prosperity are accelerated by transformational technologies yet guided by wisdom and focused on individual people.We recognize that Windows of Opportunity can close as quickly as they open up. We know that time is of the essence.It is this vision not only of what can be but also the recognition of our fleeting opportunities to create what should be that motivates us to act each and every day.

"Do not assume that the partition between the possible and impossible is permanent."
-- Lev Shestov

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Planetary Holdings, LLC