Planetary Holdings, LLC

Who We Are

Planetary Holdings is an investment and advisory group founded by Eric Anderson, our Chairman, in 2006.

Having founded several companies that have successfully developed new technologies and new markets, our team spends a lot of our time in support of our portfolio companies (like Booster Fuels and Space Adventures). We hope that those contributions help enable more successes than failures (in our failures we have learned more than in our successes).

We do actively invest in visionary entrepreneurs, especially those creating the technology, tools and markets of the future (e.g. Taskade). If you have an opportunity you'd like us to review, please contact us.

The overriding goal of our activities is to enable that brighter, more exciting, and more prosperous future we all want for each other as quickly as possible.

We have hatched a plan of our own to help humanity actually create its own best future, one person at a time

"Do not assume that the partition between the possible and impossible is permanent."
-- Lev Shestov

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Planetary Holdings, LLC